Terms of service

TranscriptionHelp.com is a digital audio transcription services provider firm serving its worlwide clientele. The following description explains the 'terms' of services offered at TranscriptionHelp.com:

1. All legal and medical transcription services offered are performed in-house, meaning at our premises and by our transcribers. However, for general transcription services we do hire independent contractors who have signed and duly submitted a 'Non-disclosure' agreement, have permitted restricted access and are made time bound for their respective assigned tasks so as to maintain the integrity and discipline.

2. The 'free sample transcript(s)' offer cannot be repeated for the same client on different projects. We make this offer to let our clients preview the quality of transcripts we produce showcasing our efficiency. Once the client decides to hire our services upon their evaluation of transcripts a token amount of part payment will be required upfront to get us started and remainider amount should be paid against weekly invoices or as agreed upon in the contract. Any discrepancies should be reverted to us within 3 to 5 days of the date of invoice.

3. Once we submit the transcripts to the client we will remove the audio/video files submitted to us from our system. Therefore, it is advisable that the client submits copy of the audio/video files to be transcribed and under no circumstances can Transcriptionhelp.com be held responsible or liable for the desruction of the materials that the clients submit to us. However, upon request, we can offer a grace period to the client for keeping the audio/video files for a limited number of days so that if the need arises the client can download a copy of what they submitted from their respective restricted client account.

5. Any claims for defects in transcripts by clients must be submitted to us within 7 days from the time of receipt of transcripts. Once we submit the transcripts to your client account an email will be sent to you informing the same, whcih we consider as 'receipt of transcripts'.

6. For 'same day' transcription or 'rush' transcription or 'uregent' transcription (short TAT, usually 4-12 hours) any commitment shall be made prior to the availablity of staff resources and employee work engagement at that particular point of time. It will be at our sole discretion to decide the amount of transcription we can commit or offer, or even deny completely.

7. Difficult Audio: Our transcription team will use best efforts to transcribe audios. Some files may contain bad audio that makes transcribing difficult. We will notify you if we encounter files that can not be transcribed.